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Large Warm White Pad with 42 LEDs SKU512


All I can say is wow. We just got back from our getaway in West Texas. I have replaced all but 2 lights with your LED's. Anyway, we are dry boon-dockers at our place, totally off the grid, even relying on rain catchment for water supply. We spent almost a full week and I never had to start my portable genny to recharge house batteries!! We have a simple system, 2 deep cycle water 6v batteries (basically golf cart batteries) hooked in series. I watched the amp output daily. At the end of our stay I still had plenty of amps left for a least a few more days. The only change to the trailer has been the addition of your LED lights in every socket. Amazing! The T-10's are crazy bright as well as the pads! We are so pleased. Granted, the only other systems pulling from our 12v supply is the water pump and the CD player. However, prior to installing your lights, we could only manage 3, maybe 4 days without recharging the batteries. We are pleasantly surprised at the amp savings as a result of installing LED's from LED4RV!!
Submitted by Dave C. West Texas.
Date Added: 04/21/2012 by Dan Brown
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